Utility Locating / GPR
We are proud to announce the acquisition of new and state of the art underground utility locating equipment.  The SPX  Radiodetection brand provides unparalleled accuracy on their pipe and cable locating equipment.  

Before you dig on your property make sure all utilities (including secondary power, water, gas) are properly located to prevent property damage or serious injury.
underground utility locating
As of November 11, 2013 we will be offering utility locating services.  Have us locate your underground utilities before you dig.  

Did you know that state run utility locating services only mark utilities that are in the public right of way. Make sure your digging is completed safely by having Check Electric mark underground utilities on your private properties.

Contact us today to make an appointment.

Check Electric also offers GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar services.  GPR's are designed to find the differences in the soils mineral composition.  It is useful in finding underground objects that may not be marked or know to be there.  We also have a concrete scanner that is useful in locating rebar and conduit inside walls. 

Contact us today to have your property completely surveyed using the latest Ground Penetrating Radar system.

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